BYB Marketplace has both the consumer and the brand at its focal point. It is a premier destination to try and buy merchandise from your new favourite brands.

We started BYB Marketplace because we wanted to see a change in the eCommerce fashion and beauty market. Our aim for the BYB Marketplace is to provide brands and consumers of fashion and beauty products an opportunity to interact with merchandise. As millennials, no one appreciates the ease and comfort of online shopping more than us. However, a majority of millennial consumers struggle to build trust with a new brands and products because of the lack of interface. The BYB Marketplace recognises this and strives to fill this void in the market, providing eCommerce brands and consumers with a quarterly shopping experience.

We are partnering with select print, fashion, and cosmetic brands to bring you the very first of our quarterly marketplace on Friday 1 September.

We are more than just a marketplace for eCommerce brands — we work to support new businesses and strive to make consumers feel beautiful, beneath their garments.

If you’re a brand and would like to register to be a part of the BYB Marketplace, click here.